How to buy 

I’m located in Ellington Missouri. If you are fairly close I can meet a couple of hours away. Please check with me before placing a deposit that I can meet you and where. If you aren’t close enough to pick up I offer delivery by plane for your puppy. Shipping is $350. It is very safe I’ve been having puppies sent by plane for over 12 years now and my only issues have been a very rare delayed flight. Or I can meet at the St Louis or Springfield MO airport if you want to fly yourself to pick up. I can take payments by Zelle, a mailed check or money order, or I can email an invoice for you pay with a card


Teacup is an often misleading term. The yorkie standard is 7 pounds and under. There is no official designation for teacup with AKC. I try to give an estimate on adult weight instead of using the term teacup. My babies are bred to be sturdy with solid bones, some may weigh a little more but they are more solid bodied than the skinny frail type and are still all small dogs.

Male VS female 

If you are uncertain which gender you are looking for I suggest you consider a male puppy. If they are neutered around 5 or 6 months old they often don’t even raise their leg to pee and they shouldn’t mark. I find the males to be more a mama’s baby type of personality. My boys don’t let me go anywhere without following me, and my girls are a little more independent and content to lay on the couch and wait for me to come back. My boys are usually attached at the hip.

Why buy from a show breeder

I am often told I don’t need a show dog or one to breed. I just want a pet. I probably see hundreds of posts a month from people who bought a yorkie without doing research on the breed standard. I see these posts with pictures of their dog once it starts to grow up asking if their dog looks like a full yorkie, and most of them look very mixed. Or I see people posting pics of a dog with a coarse incorrect wirey cost asking what they can do to get their dogs hair to grow, when there is nothing that will help the dogs genes just aren’t for the long silky yorkie coat. If you want a yorkie that looks like a yorkie buy high quality. The best way to know that your yorkie will grow up and have that cute yorkie look is by buying a dog with generations of high quality champion yorkies behind it. Also dogs who are shown have to have a personality that allows them be handled by strangers and to travel and show in strange places. So you know the temperment was good for generations behind your puppy when you buy from a show pedigree. A show breeder selects for correct structure that will help the dog live comfortably into old age without structural defects that can cause pain as the dog ages. A show quality dog is much more than just a pretty dog, it is about correct structure 

Size and color 

Yorkies are born black and tan but change as they grow. Most of mine should end up looking about the color of one or both of the parents. If you are looking for one who is lighter silver or darker blue let me know and I can help you pick. But their color change can often be a surprise as they grow to see what their adult color will be. 

I try to give my best estimate of adult size. Yorkies can often change and end up smaller or bigger than their charted weight. I try to give the best estimate based on their current weight, parents sizes and previous siblings sizes but I can’t guarantee size. 

Registration papers 

If you are purchasing a puppy with limited registration I will send your papers when I get proof of spay and neuter for your puppy. If you don’t speak with me about full registration papers for breeding your puppy is sold as limited/pet only.


These are some things I recommend for your new puppy and some of the products that I use with my dogs. I’ve added them as Amazon links for easy purchasing. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases but you aren’t charged any extra. 

I feed my puppies Royal Canin Small Puppy. I will email you a coupon through Royal Canin for a coupon off your first bag and I will supply a small bag of food for your puppy to go home on. I highly recommend you feeding your dog at least one bag of the food they are used to before switching them to another food. NuVet is a really great product. It’s an immune booster which is so important when your puppy is under stress as it adjusts to his or her new home. It’s also great for growing a thick healthy hair coat. We notice less tear staining and eye goop when they are on this as well. It’s a natural vitamin versus synthetic vitamin. My dogs are never without their Nuvet! I really recommend having this vitamin for when you bring your puppy home to give them a little extra boost. This is the most important supplement you can get your puppy in my opinion. I recommend the powder to sprinkle on the food, the wafers are a little bit for a tiny puppy.