These are my adult yorkies that are the parents to the puppies. Please click on the picture to go to the individual page with more information. Not all of them are set up yet but I’m working on getting pics and info added for each adult.

All of my adults are checked at least yearly by my vet and usually more often. Eyes, hearts and patellas are checked each time. Bloodwork is done when I have their teeth cleaned. My boys are all tested genetically clear for the eye diseases PRA and PLL. With the boys being clear none of their puppies could develop those two diseases.

The Boys


AKC Grand Champion Pasha

AKC Grand Champion Joni


AKC Champion Hottie

AKC Champion Ty

The Girls

Champion Sired Ariel (Pasha daughter)

Grand champion sired Lola (Joni daughter)Lola’s Page

AKC Champion Piper