Shopping – Puppy Supply List

These are some things I recommend for your new puppy and some of the products that I use with my dogs. I’ve added them as Amazon links for easy purchasing. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases but you aren’t charged any extra.

I feed my puppies Royal Canin Mini starter but also recommend Royal Canin Yorkie Puppy or Extra Small puppy. I switch my puppies that I keep to Royal Canin Extra Small Puppy around 3 or 4 months old.
Royal Canin Mini Starter This kibble is having a lot of supply issues in the retail size bags and can be hard to find. If it’s out of stock or expensive the Yorkie Puppy or Extra Small puppy below are both very good and can be mixed with the Mini starter I send with your puppy.

Royal Canin Yorkie Puppy
Royal Canin Extra Small Puppy
Royal Canin Small Adult Dog FoodThis is one brand I feed my adult yorkies
Pro Plan Sport The other food I feed my adults and pregnant dogs
Fortiflora probioticProbiotics are very helpful during stressful times and food changes to keep the stomach settled. We like Fortiflora but it’s pretty expensive for multiple dogs. I usually use K9 Power Probiotic we use the Show Stopper or Puppy Gold

NuVet vitamin and immune system booster, we love this product!This stuff is really great. It’s an immune booster which is so important when your puppy is under stress as it adjusts to his or her new home. It’s also great for growing a thick healthy hair coat. We notice less tear staining and eye goop when they are on this as well. It’s a natural vitamin versus synthetic vitamin. My dogs are never without their Nuvet! I really recommend having this vitamin for when you bring your puppy home to give them a little extra boost. This is the most important supplement you can get your puppy in my opinion

Snuggle puppy these are great for helping your baby adjust to sleeping alone. they have a heartbeat and you can put heat disks in them puppy snuggle at night. A lot of my buyers said that really help with the whining at night as their puppy adjusts from sleeping with littermates to sleeping alone.

Potty Training
I recommend confining your puppy to an xpen or Iris pen when you can’t watch them closely. It prevents accidents and keeps your puppy safe when you can’t watch them closely.
Iris Pen
X Pen
Disposable Puppy Pads
Puppy Pad Holder This is for the disposable puppy potty pads, it helps keep them from tearing up the pads or dragging them around. This is a huge help to keep them from making a mess and also helps keep them from putting their front feet on the pad and going on the floor.
Washable puppy pad These are a heavier washable pee pad, I prefer using these rather than the disposable pads. These pads are what your puppy is used to using here.
Metal comb
Slicker brush These are good for getting tangles out of the coat
Pin brush This is a good brush for daily maintenance brushing
Chi Tearless Puppy Shampoo
Isle of dogs Shampoo
Chris Christensen Ice on Ice Shampoo for growing longer coat
Chris Christensen Ice on Ice Conditioner for growing longer coat
Isle of dogs Conditioner For shorter coat
Isle of Dogs Heavy Conditioner for long coat
Isle of Dogs Detangler spray
Leave in Conditioner
Clippers A good set of clippers for grooming at home
Potty Training Tips
I really recommend either using a crate or small exercise pen, or even a bathroom or utility room for your puppy when you aren’t around the watch him or her closely. This is important for their safety and with potty training you want to make sure that your puppy is not left unsupervised to run freely through the house and have accidents. They are easy to forget, so if you get busy remember to put your puppy in a crate or xpen with puppy pads. I’ve put the puppy on a leash attached to my wrist or belt loop before so that I would feel when the puppy started getting restless. Take your puppy outside or to a pad every 1-2 hours, or after they wake up from a nap or after a meal. If you take your puppy outside and they come inside and go potty your baby needs less distractions outside. Setting up a small pen outside where you can watch but not distract can help. If you want to use pads or a litter box make sure your puppy isn’t too far away from the pad and can find it easily. If you have to set several up around in the areas where you are often you can slowly decrease the number. The most important thing is to not let them get in the habit of having accidents. Keep them supervised when they are young and slowly give them more freedom. Don’t let them run wild with too much freedom while they are a baby.
Pet Insurance
I recommend pet insurance, if an expensive injury or illness happens it will be so much more affordable. If you are interested I can get you a free month of Trupanion that will start the day you pick your puppy up. Even if you don’t renew it and pay for a month I really recommend the free month. I had a buyer drop a puppy two days after she got her and just the surgery to repair her leg was over $2000. Puppies can be accident prone and find all kinds of stuff to get into as they get used to your home. Emergency vet visits can cost thousands and usually have to be paid upfront before they will help your pet. That first few months of insurance can be a big help as your puppy learns your home.
Nu Vet is a wonderful product for your dog, your puppy is used to eating it and it’s best if your puppy continues with this vitamin. You can order it and have it for when your puppy comes home. A small dog will need ½ tablet daily and they usually enjoy them and eat them like treats. I do feed mine the powder mixed with their food. The cost breaks down to very little per day (30 cents or less per day) since one bottle is a 6 month supply. It’s even less if you sign up for the auto ship program.It comes with a money back guarantee, so there is no risk involved in trying. All of my babies and adults are on this and we have had wonderful results with their health and coats. We’ve seen great results with teary eyes and itchy coats. It’s more than a vitamin, it’s also an immune system booster that is important for the stress as they adjust to their new home.
TO ORDER CALL: 800-474-7044
Or order online at
Small and young puppies are prone to blood sugar drops, especially in times of stress. Playing too much without eating a meal or getting chilled can cause blood sugar levels to drop. Puppies get busy playing and don’t always eat. Symptoms of low blood sugar are weakness, lethargy, stumbling or seeming clumsy, pale gums, and in severe cases the puppy will seem to be passed out or have seizures. If your puppy doesn’t seem normal give it some kind of sugar, Nutrical, Karo or just sugar dissolved in water all work. If in doubt get some sugar into them and see if it helps. In the case your puppy is unresponsive please get emergency vet help ASAP. Left untreated hypoglycemia will kill your puppy, please know the signs and watch how your puppy eats, don’t just leave a bowl of food out, make sure the puppy is eating. Keep Nutri Cal, Karo Syrup or maple syrup on hand, or sugar mixed with water will also work and is fast. A syringe or eyedropper like from baby medicine will work well to give sugar. If your puppy shows any of the signs give them a dose of one of these fast. If your puppy doesn’t start responding within 10-15 minutes give another dose and call your vet right away. A bigger puppy is less prone to hypoglycemia but all puppies can have a blood sugar drop. If your puppy’s blood sugar gets low and you give sugar it is important to follow with carbs and protein. If you have trouble getting your baby to eat or have to give a sugar source please get in touch with me, you can call or text at 573 604 0727 to help follow up. If your puppy gives you trouble eating please get in touch with me. I’ve bred yorkies for over 15 years and have dealt with all kinds of stubborn little ones who wanted to get picky, I’ve got lots of different ideas to try. I’d much rather you call if in doubt or having trouble than your baby get low blood sugar.
Your puppy will come with a record of the shots it has already had, your puppy will need it’s next set of shots 3-4 weeks after the last one I have given. Please take the shot record to your vet so they can finish the shots and keep your puppy protected from disease. Please finish your puppy’s vaccines, it is very important to protect it from disease. If you prefer to do limited vaccines have your puppy titer tested so that you know your dog is safe. Parvo and distemper are very serious diseases that will likely kill your puppy if it gets it. Until your puppy has finished all of it’s shots please keep them away from other dogs that could be unvaccinated and avoid places like dog parks, groomers, pet stores. I always carry my dogs into the vet’s office to avoid possible germs from a sick puppy. One or two shots does not always protect a puppy from disease and you never know when you might cross paths with a dog at a pet store or vet’s office that is sick.